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Saxmax race car test

October 29, 2009

14 year-old Sam Randon certainly impressed in his eagerly awaited Saxmax test run, in the sunshine at the Bruntingthorpe circuit in Leicestershire today. This test day was provided by the 750 Motor Club to promote entries for next seasons Saxmax race series for 14-17 year olds.



Strapped into drivers seat

Following a couple of laps as a passenger for track familiarisation, Sam was soon strapped in and shown the basic car controls. We hadn’t seen anyone stall so far, so Dad was holding his breath …….. but dignity was kept intact and Sam just drove off onto the circuit.




It took a few laps to get used to the circuit and with the help of the instructor, I found some reasonable braking points and then started to go a little faster. The most difficult thing was remembering which gear I had to be in when I approached the corners, as you have to brake and change down before the corner. Dan told me that it was because it was a front wheel drive car I have to be back on the throttle as I turn into the corner otherwise it will understeer onto the grass“.


Flat out past the pits

Session 1 was soon over and Sam came in for a debrief. Session 2 and Sam was straight into the drivers seat. With the same ARDS instructor, Dan, Sam was encouraged to push this time and was using full throttle where possible. His gear changes were audibly quicker as he came past the pit lane.


The Saxo was great to drive and my confidence in knowing the circuit was improving so I was able to go much faster in session 2. I looked at the clock on the back straight and saw 100mph. Dan then told me I had to choose my own braking points, as he wasnt going to tell me when to brake any more. I had one 360 spin because I was going too fast into a corner and didnt dare get back on the power in time for turn in, so a combination of speed and not being on the throttle just spun us around. Other than that I was happy with my laps. It was a great rush!



Sams previous driving experience is at Rockingham Raceway where they provide driving lessons for age 12 upwards. The tractor driving also helps with clutch control! However, despite this, even his greatest fan [me – Dad] was stunned to see his “little boy” drive this race car and drive it as it was meant to be driven. 

If only the budgets permitted ………………

Check out the videos on Youtube of Sam’s Saxmax experience. Click on the images below  – apologies in advance for the shakey camera work you have probably come to expect by now.

First time out - will he stall ?

Fly past

Confident return to the pits - look at the smile

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  1. Sam Randon permalink
    November 3, 2009 9:34 pm

    Hi Martin,

    It was a great day, no other words to describe it. car was a little pocket rocket haha. Got on with the gear changing fine, but kept having to remeber it was a FWD as I had to be on the brakes, down a gear, then back on the gas to get it round the corner. Almost doing all 3 at once!

    I maganged to 360 it and keep it on track, wouldn’t have been as fun if I didn’t, gotta’ do these things =)

    Would be good to see you at Kimbolton, not seen you since I came to watch you at Donnington,


  2. martin woodham permalink
    November 3, 2009 10:56 am

    looks like a great day out Sam – the Saxo looks a load of fun, a proper little race car!
    How did you get on with the gear-changing, and was the FWD a massive difference?

    I’m hoping to come and watch you in action at Kimbolton – here’s hoping for dry weather….


  3. Marjorie Randon permalink
    October 30, 2009 10:07 am

    Well done Sam! Gramps and I are very proud of you – your definitely your father’s son. See you soon.


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