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Sep ’10 Rissington, Kimbolton and Rye House

Club meeting at Rissy and Kim. BEN charity event at Rye House

20 photos
Aug ’10 Whilton

Club meeting at WM.

10 photos
Jul ’10 Rissy and Rowrah

Club meeting at Rissy. Special DPRS treck to Rowrah in Cumbria.

10 photos
Jun ’10 Rissington, Kimbolton and Shenington

Club meeting at Rissy, East Anglian Trophy at Kimbolton and Shenington Superprix.

18 photos
May ’10 Rissington and Kimbolton

Club meeting at Rissy and back on the Jade chassis at Kimbolton.

20 photos
Apr ’10 Rissington and Kimbolton

Club meetings.

18 photos
Mar ’10 0 photos
Feb ’10 0 photos
Jan ’10 Rye House and Whilton Mill

Wet testing at Rye House, Sam just a spectator at WM.

7 photos
Dec ’09 Shenington

Sam’s now infamous upside down moment captured on camera.

12 photos
Nov ’09 Rissington and Kimbolton

Jade moves up to gearbox and Sam collects a trophy. Tom Wood and Jack Hughes join DPRS.

17 photos
Oct ’09 Rissington, Shenington and Bruntingthorpe

A long awaited return to Shenny, and a race car test at the old Top Gear circuit. Was  Sam a star in a reasonably priced car…..

14 photos
Sep ’09 Rissington and Whilton Mill

A Rissy fightback.

12 photos
Aug ’09 Rissington, Kimbolton and Whilton Mill

Rain, pole position and a trophy!

16 photos
Jul ’09 Rissington and Whilton Mill

A wet Rissy practice

7 photos
Jun ’09 Rissington and Whilton Mill

End of novice plates, first blue plate race.

10 photos
May ’09 Rissington and Whilton Mill

Two club meetings in the sunshine.

11 photos

7 photos

Apr ’09 Rissington test day

Preparing for the first race weekend.

10 photos
Mar ’09 Shenington test day

Sams first test in Junior TKM with Jade Manufacturing.

10 photos
Feb ’09 Easykart test day

Sams first experience of 100cc karting, and in the wet!

6 photos

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