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Gallery – Jun ’10 Rissington, East Anglian Trophy and Shenington Superprix

June 30, 2010

A wet Rissington B final - a welcome last lap

Historic karts in action at Kimbolton

More historics ...

Top 6 raced each other all day

Rolling start - top 6 in same formation

and so it continued ...

This was as far apart as they were all day

Top 4 trophies

Mr Grogan sticks a rude one up Darth Vader in a Rotax 177

and brings it home in his customary 1st place

Team 'Bandit' in the trolley race - Jamie Tyler in the seat, pushers Sam, Scott Fowler and Chris Horne

Shenington Superprix

Cadet Tom Wood wins his first heat

Lee Harrison gets air ...

Jack McCauley - old sparring partner from Covkartsport

Around the outside ...

Rare moment of glory - putting one over front runner Danny

Now we are on direct drive - the kart needs push starting - thanks J

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