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Gallery – 2010 Aug Rissington, Kimbolton and Rye House

September 28, 2010

Sam following Gavin Pitt

Heat 3 was wet - fortunately Sam wasn't in it

Jack Ransom, Arron Mills and Sam tucked up behind

Gavin leading Danny

Trophy presentation from Julie

Kimbolton corner

Jack Partridge lifts a rear wheel into Kimbolton corner

Sam behind Ryan Green

Kimbolton rolling start

Liam Murray has a bad day carrying passengers

Through Willows

Sam tucked up behind Chris Horn

Slipstreaming with Ryan Green - Sam is pushing Ryan to speed them both up

Sam was 'lit' today

Nicks third place on the line

For a seasons best 3rd place

Matt England - Rye House for BEN charity endurance race

Get outa my way! Sam (#10) sticks a rude one up the inside of the competition

Sam and Matt dominate the time sheets and win the event

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