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Sam takes silverware at East Anglian Trophy Meeting

June 15, 2010

Finally, the combination of pace, setup and a little luck conspired to give Sam his best result of the 2010 season and the first trophy of the year. In stark contrast to the rest of our season, Sam was right on the pace with the leaders all through the weekend.


Saturday started with a steady first session from the back of the dummy grid and Sam looked to be quick, confirmed by his on-board timing computer at the end of the session which recorded a PB for this circuit. For the second session we started him from the front of the dummy grid [ it’s a free choice during practice – Dad ] to compare his pace against the faster drivers – and he stayed in front of them :-0  This was looking promising …..

With only 3 practice session on Saturday morning the racing proper began after lunch. The format of the East Anglian Trophy Meeting was different to our usual club weekends and meant that any off track excursion would be punished. Worse still, there were very few pushers on track to restart any stalled karts so finishing was crucial.


  • Sams pace didn't extend to the trolley race! Team Bandit- with Jamie Tyler sort of steering?

    Saturday timed qualifying determine heat 1 grid positions

  • Saturday heat 1 finishing positions determine Sundays heat 2 grid
  • Points from qualifying and heats determine the grid for the pre-Final
  • Finally the finishing positions from the pre-Final determine the grid for the final


Timed qualifying was a first for us and we chose to try and get the pole slot on the dummy grid to get out there first. Many of the top drivers tried the opposite strategy and adopted the back of the grid to make space for themselves. As it happened, everyone was sensible and made space to ensure they were running in clean air. The lucky ones found a tow from a similar paced driver infront. As Sam performs best chasing the back of another kart it was a gamble to know where he would end up – so a result of 5th fastest (out of 18) was encouraging, 3 tenths of a second off the leader and very close to his PB.


At the start of Heat 1 we were very conscious of the number of DNF’s suffered recently – finishing was important. The first corner is always dangerous …

As I was on the inside line in 5th I knew those with even grid slots on my left would come across to get into line. I saw Jamie Tyler (started 6th) come across and decided not to fight it as I didn’t want my race to end here”.

Top 6 in heats ran together from start to finish

Having dropped to 6th Sam stuck to the back of Jamie and the first 6 drivers (including Sam) soon broke away from the rest of the grid. With no threat from behind Sam could concentrate on keeping up with the leading pack and try to progress. As it happened, the order didn’t change though the leaders were within inchs of each other throughout the 12 laps. Sam and Jamie dropped off  slightly towards the end of the race but still finished 5 seconds clear of the chasing field and Sam achieved another PB of 43.53secs only 5 hundreths of a second behind the fastest driver.


For Heat 2 on Sunday morning the grid formed up as it had finished in heat 1. The top 6 breakaway became 7 as George Morris joined the party behind Sam but thankfully never really threatened. The race was similar to heat 1 with the leading group in formation. Places changed at the front but Sam could not quite make an impression to gain places and finished the 12 laps where he started in 6th.

I pushed as hard as I could and could feel the effect of the tow when I got close behind Bradley Peck, but I had a big moment into turn 1 when I locked up and nearly lost it but I’m now getting the hang of direct drive I was able to drive my way out of it”.




We recruited a number of pushers - thanks lads

Having run in 6th place all day it was hardly surprising Sam had qualified in 6th for the pre-final – not an ideal position as it on the ‘wrong’ side of the grid which always makes the starts ‘hairy’. We had made a “team decision” [ Dad, Sam plus Jason via text ]  to drop a tooth on the gearing to give slightly better top speed (and give our little engine a breather as it was hitting very high revs). Combined with our proven tyre pressure strategy it proved to be the right call. Normal order was challenged when Michael Green made a storming start and drove around the outside at turn 1 to gain 3rd from a starting grid of 12th. But he could not keep up with the pace of the top 6 who regained their places and broke away again to run nose to tail in very close formation. Sams extra speed on the straights gave him just enough pace to stick to the back of Bradley Peck.

I found it difficult to keep up during the first few laps but later in the race I could tell my tyre pressures were working better and I closed right up to the back of Bradley. He took the wrong line into Hanger (thanks Jason for the advice!) so I stuck it up the inside and kept my foot in. He had to give way.”

Sam finished 5th and achieved another PB of 43.48 – the fastest lap of any Junior TKM driver over the weekend.


With a grid slot of 5th we sat on the dummy grid for what seemed like a lifetime. The mechanic was a nervous wreck let alone the driver! A red flag in the previous race added to the agony and rain clouds were gathering. One of the drivers around us on the grid was also cause for concern and we planned a cautious strategy into the first corner.

Despite a full meeting of contactless driving, it all changed in the finals. Down the Hines Straight into Stowe for the first time, true to form ‘dangerman’ on Sams left came across to force his way into the line.

It all happened at the start of the final - Rory Lacey catches air

I made up some ground on the guys to my left when suddenly ‘dangerman’ just drove into me. He’s had me off twice this year [ see Feb and March Kimbolton reports – Dad ] so I was wary of him. This time he came off worse and his rear wheel whacked my new nosecone. That spun him sideways and he disappeared off to my right onto the grass.”  :-¦


Sam lines up Bradley Peck in the final

Carnage then ensued behind Sam as 5 other drivers were caught up in the accident. Michael Green and Rory Lacey both getting airborne – thankfully no lasting injuries. Sam came through the first corner in 5th tucked up behind Jamie Tyler and Bradley Peck but the race was neutralised with yellow and black flags for a few laps whilst the barriers were repaired [ similar effect to the safety car in F1 ].



Liam Murray leading the final

When racing recommenced the top 5 broke away again. THis time Liam Murray pulled an unassailable gap of 2 or 3 kart lengths at the front and was never really challenged. As Sams tyres came on later in the race and his challenge began.

I knew I was faster than Bradley Peck but decided to wait a couple of laps to give him less time to fight back. I made my move into Hanger again and passed him cleanly. I needn’t have worried about the fight back as I was able to quickly put some air between us“.


Sam then brought it home in 4th place for his best result of the year and was rewarded with large trophy and a mechanics goodie bag!

First silverware this year

A fantastic result after a very tough season to date. Kart and engine were just faultless all weekend [ what a mechanic – Dad ], and the driver was none too shabby either 😉

Next meeting Shenington Superprix next weekend.

Full results here.

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  1. Jamie Tyler permalink
    June 29, 2010 1:42 pm

    you put scott as steering in the trolley race, it was actually me in his helmet!! lol 🙂

    • June 29, 2010 10:21 pm

      Well what do u expect if you wear a helmet with someone else’s name on it! Its hard enough identifying you all as it it. 😉 I have now corrected it Jamie – and will send you a few more photos of the day.

  2. M & L Randon permalink
    June 16, 2010 10:58 am

    Congratulations Sam! So proud of you. We knew it would come right if you just persevered. Good luck for this coming weekend. The trophy was a bonus.

  3. Martin Woodham permalink
    June 16, 2010 9:33 am

    Excellent result Sam, well done! Not just the silverware, but your consistent pace throughout the weekend – and you can’t argue with a new PB and series FTD!

    Great stuff, very well deserved and at last some payback for hanging in there – former problem now well and truly diagnosed …..

    Sorry not to make it to help out, the state I was in you wouldn’t have wanted me around :-0


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