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How to donate

Donation is simple

Just complete our simple form below and we will make contact with you to arrange invoice and payment. Alternatively, for convenience you may make immediate payment via Ebay and Paypal but please consider we will incur a small transaction fee for that method.


  • We can accept payment by the following methods
    • Ebay/Paypal
    • Cheque – contact us below for details
    • Electronic bank transfer – contact us below for details
  • All donations will receive a VAT invoice for £500+vat and details of the charity donation


Please complete the following form to support this charity initiative

Thank you for your support.



Unique roof design is eye-catching in the Clio paddock

  • A maximum of 8 slots will be sold per race weekend at £500 each +VAT.
  • Your URL, Hashtag or social media name will appear on the roof of the car in full at least once – depending on size/length it will most likely be repeated multiple times.
  • Your company logo and name will be posted on our web site in the ‘hall of fame’ with links to your web site. A similar ‘hall of fame’ will be maintained on the Me&Dee charity website thanking you for your contribution.
  • Your company name or hashtag will be posted on social media feeds multiple times before, during and after your designated race weekend.
  • An open invitation to visit the Westbourne Motorsport team garage / awning at any race weekend.
  • Your company will also receive
    • Photographs of the roof design with your company name in the design
    • Digital rights to the photography of the race weekend including to use for a period of 90 days from the specific race event you sponsored. You will also receive the digital rights to use the name and logo of SamRandonRacing, the Maria Hanson Foundation, and the Me&Dee charity. You may freely use these images to publicise your involvement.
    • After the 90 day period no new usage of the photographs must be created. You may still freely use the press releases and documentation that were created within the original 90 days.
  • The charity Me&Dee will receive
    • A full 50% of your payment (net of any tax and charges incurred for payment).
    • For every 8 slots sold, the charity will receive a hospitality ticket to distribute to a family that would benefit from a day at the races with SamRandonRacing


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